Power BI is a software that allows organisations to turn their unrelated sources of data, whether an excel spreadsheet, collection of cloud-based data or similar, into coherent and interactive insights. Power BI allows you to connect and report on your data in ways you had not even thought possible.

We as a Higher Education specialist recruitment agency are seeing the demand for Power BI Developers on the rise. The reason it is becoming increasingly more popular within universities is that many organisations have noticed the benefits for using the software and have began investing into full programs focused on this data and how it can improve performance within many departments and internal functions.

Universities hold masses of extremely important data from course enquiries, enrolments, student performance and so on. This data is often not utilisied to it’s full potential and can quite often be technically difficult for the collection of data to actually become useful. This is where Power BI comes into play and can be used in opportunities to boost enrolments, improve student retention rates and also raise teaching quality. Not only that, by merging their data they are bringing information to life, empowering its staff with knowledge and supports strategic planning.

We found this article from Skills Logic that raises some interesting ways in which Power BI can improve performance within Universities. They also explain how to taking your first steps to investing in your data.

Link: https://www.skillslogic.com/blog/dashboards-data-warehousing/improving-performance-in-higher-education-with-microsoft-power-bi