Perm or contract?

When looking for a new role there are lots of things to consider and avenues to look at. One of the many dilemmas people have when looking for a new role is whether to take a permanent or contract role.


So, what are the pros of each?




Relationships – Being in a role for a longer period of time allows you to build relationships with the rest of the team. 


Career progression – When you get a permanent placement there is a clear pathway of progression mapped out from the day you start your role. 


Benefits – Permanent members of staff get access to lots of benefits (such as healthcare, bonus schemes etc)


Security – Your job is permanent so you have the security that you will be employed for the foreseeable future. 


Financial stability – A regular pay check means that you are able to budget and plan better for the future. You know that each month you will be getting a certain amount of pay and can then budget. 


Training - One of the perks of permanent placements is the access to role-related training (most often paid by the institution) 




Variety - You have the ability to trial different roles and institutions. With remote working still prevalent you can work from home instead of having to make the commute into the office; each time you change location, you do not need to uproot yourself.


Flexibility – Once your contract it is up you can chose to apply for a new role or have a break; ultimately you can chose when you want to work (outside of contracts).


Unlimited holiday – Where you have the freedom to pick when you want to work (money permitting) you can have as much (or little) holiday as you wish. 


Experience – You gain a bucket load of experience to add to your professional portfolio; whether physical (different roles and the skills this entails) or people - based (learning to deal with all different people / teams and ways of working).


Company politics – Where the role is often very fleeting there is no time to be dragged into company politics.


Networking opportunities - Instead of just working within one team you can grow your network and meet a lot more like-minded people. 


No one way of working is better than the other and you will know instantly what is the best fit for you but we hope this has helped you evaluate the pros of each way of working.

At Burman we have contract and permanent professionals within every sector so we are able to assist you whatever you chose.


One of the other benefits of working for Burman is that we are bridging the gap between contract and permanent placements by introducing the Contractor Portal. This portal allows contractors to have access to some of the benefits that are usually only available for permanent placements. 


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