How and why it happened

Last year we launched a new online portal for our contract community with the aim to bridge the gap between the benefits that permanent members of staff receive and temporary works miss out on! The portal includes benefits such as Customer Care/HR assistance, training, umbrella & limited support, a forum for discussion and more! One of our biggest hits has been the addition of a Money Matters section.


How did Money Matters come to be?

To be able to offer a service that goes above and beyond we met with a number of suppliers who often work with contractors and wanted to join our mission. James Melhuish, DipsPFS EFA was a referral to Burman and from the first meeting it was clear that we had the same vision of not only supporting contractors with their finances but educating everyone to improve their personal finances. A big vision but something we truly believe in! So much so we have not only offered James’s financial services to our contract community but we have also brought him in as our in house advisor for all of the Burman team!


The services that James is currently offering are: 

 Retirement planning

 Investment planning

 Cashflow analysis

 Personal & business insurance

 Tax efficiency



We could all use a little help in our personal finances, right? But the vast and daunting world of personal finance is often not something that we want to discuss. With laws and legislation always changing it is hard to know what to do and who to turn to. Which is why we decided to launch ‘The Burman Money Matters Webinars’ with James as the host! Due to the success of the webinars with our contract community we have now decided to open them out to our entire external contract and permanent community too! The Webinars were too good to be kept a secret and the more people we can help with their finances the closer we are to completing our mission.


“Burman put their clients, candidates and contractors first in everything that they do. Naturally, this has resulted in a synergy with the work that I do around financial well-being. Burman can now confidently identify as the gold standard when it comes to providing a holistic service within their marketplace of higher education. It’s a pleasure to work with such an open minded and forward thinking business”


We would love to help you tackle your finances so why not sign up for our next webinar! The sign up link is here and registration only takes 2 minutes.


We look forward to seeing you on our next webinar!