Our Promise

Our promise to you, our customers, is that we will always put you first. We strive to give the best service possible, providing more than just a new role. As a company we function by 4 main values; relentlessly knowledgeable, value based decision, customer centric and honesty and integrity. 


 Relentlessly Knowledgeable 

We make sure each consultant is an expert in their market; allowing them to advise, as well as recruit the best. 


 Value Based Decision 

We prioritise adding genuine value to each action we take; if it doesn’t benefit our customers then we don’t do it.


 Customer Centric

We put the customer first and are continually improving our customer service. We want all clients and candidates to feel listened to and appreciated.


 Honesty & Integrity

We make sure that we are transparent in everything we do, functioning with honesty and integrity at all times.


We focus on the above values because we want to provide the best service for our clients and candidates. Ultimately being better than ‘just’ a recruitment company… hence Better with Burman was created. 

Better with Burman is made up of 3 main pillars; better opportunities, better experience & better recruitment. 


 Better opportunities

We are continually improving our relationships with our clients and forming exclusivity contracts. So that we are able to provide the best possible roles for our candidates.


 Better experience

We are consistently trying to improve the experience for all customers. The introduction of the Contractor Portal, Contractor Careline and Trustpilot are the first steps towards a better experience for all customers.


 Better recruitment

Providing all consultants and staff with training so that they are able to recruit to the best of their ability. As well as this, making sure all consultants are experts within their sector. So that our clients are receiving the best possible candidates and advice. 


Better with Burman encapsulates our vision for Burman as a community Hub and a source of knowledge as well as a recruitment agency.


Here is a snippet from our soft launch party on friday!